Thursday, January 9, 2014

Looking ahead...1st grade

  Last week while we were on Christmas break I looked ahead at the MODG 1st grade booklist. It's available online fortunately. I am going to be talking outloud to myself here, so this post may not be that interesting at all to those who have no kids my children's age. I have to sort of chuckle to myself, seems that everyone uses the same books, (when you start looking over what school uses what), just different syllabii with a different school's name.

  It's January, so that means translating Shannon's speed- it's time to start searching for the books, I have no prejudices against the books suggested, I have done no research on them. She suggests Saxon or Abeka for math. Guess I will look at both and let me mom weigh in on the choices, she helped with the reading choice. Really Brad might have to weigh in now because he will probably be helping out and Math is good for him. Oh and I was just notified by Brad he used Saxon all the way through highschool.  Abeka is cheaper ;)

  We have been using Writing Our Catholic Faith Handwriting and I see there is an Advanced Kindergarten workbook.  I am thinking that it might be good to do over the summer and then move up to 1st grade because I am scared of what's going to happen if we aren't practicing handwriting over the summer. Or I suppose we could just do the 1st grade handwriting and be ahead. I have to buy Genna's book too. I will look all those options over. I looked over what I could online for the Writing Can Help books by Marie Picard, they seem ok. I saw the Amazon review for the Kindergarten book- the review wasn't a super one. I make Knox extra writing practice with bible verses right now.

We have the Teach Your Child to Read in a 100 easy Lessons, but we didn't like how it started out- I couldn't identify with it really, it's style was different, it moved slow, from what I learned and what my mom remembered teaching. So the Angel Readers work good for us. I bought an entire used set with the teachers manual for CHEAP! I was so excited. You can buy the teacher's manuals separately or in one big book. I bought one book. Don't forget they have a workbook to go with them. I did hear people talk highly about the 100 easy Lessons book, so don't let that discourage you. We started out doing Montessori exercises to learn how to read. That link is the post I had up about teaching the kids to read.

  I saw that she had lots of art kits to buy. We might do a few, but that gets expensive- check out the prices! I am sure we won't run short on art. I know we will do the Advent Candle one for sure. The stations of the Cross grotto kit is $45! We did a homemade one last year, and it didn't cost that much! And it's basically the same exact thing. I will post about it soon too ;)

 I have the 1st Communion Catechism already, and I know Knox has been chomping at the bit to make his 1st Communion for over a year now. Part of me thinks he is ready because of his desire, he begs to go, but I know that's it's ok he can wait. I am sure I would have a hard time convincing a priest anyway, we aren't especially close to any.

  We are good for poetry and Saint books- but I see things I always want to add. I might not be getting to put in my next order of Saint books I have on my Amazon wish list. Knox needs some eye therapy for double vision. Our insurance was allowing only partial coverage for the therapy- which means $120 for a regular session and $85 for the testing sessions. 36 sessions in all, most cost $120. He does really well reading I think, he is progressing just fine, although I have no one to compare him too. I think there is some resistance and I wonder if it's due to his vision problems. We'll see if his occasional resistance improves. I can't really complain, he is very obedient. So if I have to hold off on an extra purchase this is where it will be.

A Child's Garden of Verses (R.L.S. poems with Tasha Tudor's art to produce one of the books, and then Gyo Fujikawa's art on the other, there are other editions with famous illustrators, but I happen to know those two very well! Hard to chose which one to chose!

 A coloring book I want to get

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