Friday, January 24, 2014

Making Valentine's Day cards

Yes, we are early on making cards. I figured out last year, it takes about 5 hours to make all our cards with three kids, so the earlier I start the better. And then I am always out of envelopes, so that takes another day to get around to Walmart and buy the right size envelopes. We don't like to bend up our cards- these are more precious than gold ;) And then of course, we decorate the envelopes, and that takes another hour or two, depending on if we bust out the stamp collection or just keep it to stickers. And by then another week went by and we have postage...I have to go and figure out postage. So you see by the time they get into the mail, it's arriving for grandparents and friends to enjoy just before the Feast of St. Valentine. 
  My awesome mother-in-law makes cards, you should see her crafty stuff she owns. She has bestowed on our family a lot of her unused things and then is also nice enough to send us paper, stickers, punches, glue dots, stamps, scissors, you name it. We have dug into our box of goodies and found many an art item, gadget, or tool that we would have needed to go out and buy. Somehow it's always in that box- makes me wonder how it all happens to be in there. But we never seem to not have what we need. Sort of like a magic box of supplies. Anyway, she always takes the time to do lots and lots of punches, I am sure she has very strong hands because we get a hundred punched doily like hearts from her every year. They are beautiful and we used them to make our cards. Me and the kids hit Hobby Lobby's post Valentine's Day sale last year, and we bought everything! I found hearts and roses for all sorts of uses for feast days and card making. We will need a little less this year, but plan on shopping it again. Have a good time viewing our cards we have done so far, we may have been getting a little slap happy towards the end...perhaps it's their age? The Elmer's Glue? aww..who they are- smoochy faces!

inside of Genna's cards above

backside of Genna's cards above

Genna's cards were purple above and no I didn't have her write all that 7 times- I had her write it once and I photo copied it. It's hard enough to get them to do more than 2 cards, and they have less motivation if they aren't having fun. Handwriting is not fun for a 4 year old. I had her trace my handwriting and we erased the pencil marks, then we photo copied it. And then she got straight to decorating. She got through a few stickers and felt hearts and had to take few breaks to play and come back. I did the same with Knox. There is no point to making them miserable making cards- we can't enjoy it together. It's hard enough to keep them going decorating them.

We printed off St. Valentine's picture and "Pray for Us" on the back of Knox's cards.

Inside of Knox's above.

Okay, still acting weird!

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