Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Miss Genevieve, noblest dog in France, you shall have your VEN-GE-ANCE!” St. Genevieve of Paris- Pray for us!

My daughter, named after St. Genevieve happened to be born on a Holy Day of Obligation, and then Baptised on her own Saint's Feast Day, which happened to be on a Sunday that particular year. WOW! How cool is that?! I think we picked the right name for this little girl!   

Ok the noblest dog in France line. Inside joke- how many of you know that line? Last summer at the KC homeschooling conference we met the Holy Heroes kids and their father, Ken. No kids allowed, and I had been telling the kids for months since the end of Advent, "Oh you're going to get to meet those kids you watch on the internet." Needless to say- apparently no kids allowed at the conferences. I haven't been to one- only the Catholic Family Conference where there is child care and parents are free to come with their kids. Anyway, different type of conference- where mom's and dad's need to focus. SO, I brought them in at the end when the conference was closing down for the weekend. They were excited. But Ken said to my daughter, "Miss Genevieve, noblest dog in France." And Knox and I cracked up. We knew that line, and of course Genna wasn't paying attention. 

2013 Baptismal Feast Day Party

Our little Saint Genevieve peg doll my sister Mary made for us two years ago.

So this year Friday, (First First Friday January 3rd, 2014) is her feast day, St. Genevieve of Paris, pray for us and for our little Genevieve Margaret!

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