Sunday, January 19, 2014

Testament to Homeschooling- Deo Gratias! I am doing the happy dance!

   Last fall (2013) a parent who I knew in passing from my church got a hold of me. She had a child in Knox's preschool class and remembered she had heard through the grapevine we were going to be homeschooling when I pulled Knox out the year before at the end of the fall semester (2012). Anyway, we spoke for a bit on the phone and she visited this blog and had been reading up on homeschooling. She was  being brought into homeschooling world from the dilemma brought on by Common Core being introduced in the Catholic schools here locally (and of course we all have a personal list of reasons we homeschool, multiple reasons of course.)
  Anyway, I am so happy to say she is now homeschooling. I am thrilled for her kids and her and her husband!  She was brave enough to go forward, I remember her hesitancy in worrying this could be too much to take on, and of course validly would it drive her crazy. She was clear on the phone to me that she knew she could pick up in the middle of the semester no problem with her kids! (that's more than I can say I would be able to do- when I pulled Knox out it was just pre-school).
  AND! there is more, she has already noticed how much happier her kids are-HOW COOL IS THAT, SHE IS ALREADY SEEING BENEFITS! AMAZING! She said she loved being immersed in the Catholic education she's providing! DEO GRATIAS!

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