Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Octave of the Epiphany is through the 12th. Still time for your Epiphany Blessing + January dedicated to the Most Holy Name of Jesus

  Yes, you can still do your Epiphany Blessing through the 12th. I guess if you're European you can celebrate it through the 13th, I think they stick with January 6th as their celebration over there. So either way you're good for a few more days. Go ahead, go for it! Do the blessing for your home!
  Here we are blessing my parents home Tuesday night. FUNNY FUNNY STORY! Nathan, my little brother by 12 years younger- got a fire ball going in my incenser. I gave him the directions on how to light the charcoal and I left the room, he had tongs and a candle. I came back and came into a fireball!! He dropped the coal into the hot wax of the candle he was holding it over. AND it was filling the house with dark smoke. Luckily it had snowed and there was snow on the back deck...that worked just great. I think he did it a second time too on the next! I found out he really wasn't an altar boy for very maybe two masses? Well, that probably had something to do with it! And maybe that was for the better of the general good of the people in mass!? HAHA just kidding Nathan. Thank you for being careful, you are an Eagle Scout..I do trust you around fire. Oh and Genna had the bottle of Holy Water, she was a little Holy Water happy that night, she did a good job, but she was generous!

Fire ball under control now..much smaller. Oh the accidents Catholics probably have but won't admit to.

 This was our New Year's party craft from last year for January. We got them back out to display this month. January is dedicated to the "Most Holy Name of Jesus". Ever try and bow you're head every time you say Jesus' name? We watched Trey on Holy Heroes doing this. It's a a good one to try and practice to try with your children, I guarantee you will all struggle with it. We did, we are giving it a try again this month.

Large popsicle sticks, glue dots to hold them together, card stock behind the sign, spray tacky glue and then "glittercize" them! That's my new word- glittercize! If you use that word, you better link back to me! Check out Catholic Icing for more details- I apologize I can't find the craft, but I remember getting it off there- I It's where most our art comes from.

  We made some pretty wire wrap stars in 2012, they double as Christmas ornaments but really they help you focus on the star over Bethlehem the three Wisemen followed. (we sent some away to our happy grandma's). Take a cookie cutter, wrap some wire around it, then after your basic shape is made and you have twisted a wire loop in the top, remove it from the cookie cutter. Have the kids just wrap thinner gauge jewelry wire (you can find at Hobby Lobby) around the basic star shape. It's easy, to do, don't let them pull it too tight or you will find the stars get deformed. We hang them off our piano, the drawers with knobs around the upstairs, the front door. We used satin ornament ribbons by Martha Stewart (an after Christmas Clearance at Kmart a few years ago) for the loop. It keeps with the theme of the Epiphany and Christmas.

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