Thursday, February 27, 2014

$3 Spiral Bound Marian Devotions in the Domestic Church book.

  Just got my book today!!**  Family Consecration, Regina Caeli (you learn it over Lent on Holy Hereos fyi),  Crowning Mary, Gardening for Mary, Songs for Mary, teaches how to make a rosary, Mary and Jospeh Cloaks, Beeswax candles, stepping stones, Mary Baskets, Memorare Roses...and a lot more.

  I am so excited I found a really good book on sale for $3! The shipping is also about that much at check out fyi... but the original price was almost $16! I found them on Amazon as well for quite a bit more. So if your interested buy them on Ignatius Press' website. The authors also printed a Lent and Advent book as well. They looked good to me as well as far as I could tell from Amazon's reviews and descriptions. I imagine they might be for sale at homeschool conferences which have already begun for the year. But they weren't for sale on Ignatius' Presses website which might mean they are out of print.
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