Friday, February 21, 2014

Illustrated by the Masters: A few Stations of the Cross books for children to share with you- hope to enhance your Lent

I found this newly published book, Children's Stations of the Cross, on Amazon with real art work in it! I am so excited to give it to our kids for Lent this year. We attend Stations of the Cross every Friday as a family (including grandparents), as well as using the Holy Heroes Stations Cd every night. (be warned they sell out fast once Lent hits- the symphony music is very emotional and dramatic, very very well done).

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I also ordered them this other book, ABC Life of Christ, as well it looks like just as much fun. Same author and I am sure the art in it will be just as great. Probably going to give that one for Easter. 

41SVKCj-KiL.jpg (500×363)

I like this concept of handing kids books with real art though, we have been using Lacy's mass books now for over a year- they are worn out, I need new ones. So if you like the idea of kids looking at really good art and getting good visual aids as well as helping them keep their focus on what's happening in Mass..that another one to consider buying.
Another few books we like for Lent are Lovasik's Stations of the Cross and are Children's Stations of the Cross by Susan Brindle (btw Susan Brindle as a lot of other good books for children and older kids). Knox and Genna faithfully used their Lovasik books every Friday for Stations. I was amazed my kids could follow all the kneeling and standing and keep that book in their hands and pay attention.

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