Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Lourdes tea party at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Happy Feast Day!

The snow was heavy this last week and it's still all over the ground. The grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes was covered with snow today when we went to noon Mass at St. Anthony's. I love visiting St. Anthony's- it's definitely the best place to be for noon mass on Tuesdays. You get blessed by Fr. Pham with St. Anthony's bones. Plus they have every Saint statue and grottos and altars all over the place and many beautiful paintings and stained glass to looks at. Anyway,  poor Bernadette needed to be dug out of the snow. I wish I had taken my camera, we couldn't stand out there for very long because it was so cold. We always say a prayer at that grotto each time we visit. It's so peaceful right there in that alley.
  It just so happened that in our Kindergarten syllabus for MODG we happen to be on the right week (it doesn't go by dates) for the week for the Lourdes Grotto. Funny how I must have timed the start of our school year and breaks perfectly cause I had no idea that this was on his syllabus this week. FREAKY!!  So tomorrow we will work on that art project. But for now, this evening, we made a tasty treat- a Rice Krispie grotto for Our Lady of Lourdes. Since my parents invited the kids to sleep over tonight, we made it there. And we decided to have a real tea party at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

I stuck the coffee creamer plastic container in there to help the Krispie's keep their shape. It worked perfectly.

And lucky for us, we had all the ingredients at home for making this treat even the Little People's Mary from the Nativity set. The green leafs were Special K flakes from their Chocolaty Delight cereal. I love that cereal- the flakes are sort of sweetened. I added green food coloring after I melted a small amount of marshmallows in the microwave and then I mixed in the flakes- I just guessed at how much I needed (and yes I sorted out the chocolate). The roses were Grandma's stash of Betty Crocker's Fruit Gushers. Perfect! BTW you can also find this grotto idea in your Catholic Icing Preschool book, Catholic ABC's.

green food coloring and corn flakes from a Special K cereal

Fruit Gushers for roses

I stacked squares of Rice Krispies on the sides- like rocks I guess.

Nothing special, just a square piece I molded to cover the backside of the cave.

patiently waiting for dinner to start

Now for the tea party. My mom got out our old tea pots and cups and other little collections we used as kids, and yes we did end up breaking one little cup tonight- it happens, they are real. Genna used my old blue cup and saucer. (LOL! You didn't know us Fisher kids were so refined..playing Queen's tea with ALL our grandparents and friends, raise you're pinky!)

Ok we can't be serious the whole time...

Clean up!

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