Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our base schedule for day to day homeschooling

My husband's work schedule is so varied.all.the.time. But me and the kids pretty much have a base routine we stick to. I am creating a new Google document of our schedule right now. I couldn't get my other document off our laptop so it was just easier to start over, and I need the spreadsheet practice anyway.

  I didn't have much time to work on it tonight, but I did get a lot on there. I have more optional things I need to add into the whole thing- stuff I want to go do with kids, but forget. Once I am done I am printing it out, and posting it in the kitchen and homeschool room, it was just in the kitchen before to help my husband- I am not sure he looked at it or appreciated the time I took to make it (LONG TIME as I am slow since college). And perhaps every month, I will write on it sort of like I do in the planner!? I am sure I can use it for more than just looking at. It's a work in progress- I am sure you can relate, it's never the same week to week when you through in eye therapy, conferences, vacations, work training, illness, appointments and family visiting, babysitting or anything else last minute. And then it changes with holidays and summer...etc.

 I am thinking as we plan each week, I can circle our optional activities on the fly- ask the kids what they want to do that week. I noticed we do good with about 2 or 3 extras (includes doctors appts etc) during the mornings every week.  Really I prefer 2 things and I don't like back to back days of it either. That includes if we attend Mass during the day time school hours. Otherwise we get behind on our syllabus- and that drives me crazy! I don't know how a school teacher could stand it. I admire the fact they are probably not as stressed out as me getting off a few days or a week. I really really dislike telling children to hurry we have to leave, or hurry hurry get this homework done- we have somewhere to go to.

Well now hopefully you get the idea! So what are you waiting for? Do you have base routine? Have you made one yet? What extra activities do you try and include during the week?

{Here's my page dedicated to this topic. It has a few guidelines and explains where I am coming from and how I learned what works.}

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