Monday, February 3, 2014

Feast Day! Candlemas crepes for dessert and folded napkins, and St. Blaise's bread and fish feast day dinner

We had a busy day today. Since Sunday was Candlemas and today was St. Blaise's feast day, we prepared one feast day dinner to encompass both.  We went to the Cathedral for Mass at noon and received our St. Blaise blessing. I was able to make it to confession and Fr. Sherlock was hearing confessions. I love love love going to him for confession. He actually listens to what you're saying and then gives you advice and repeats back what you said yourself- like a short homily. And he never seems in a hurry either- although there may be 15 people trying to get through line for before Mass starts in the next 15 mins. His Irish accent is soothing too, it gives ya the warm fuzzies. We had a good day in school too, Knox did a ton of extra work this afternoon during school. I can't believe how hard he worked. 

Genna loves water coloring

Napkin folding..why you ask? Because it's in the shape of a candle! HOW SWEET!! And it gives everyone something to do. We have a real picnic set (Genna's set really) and we borrowed the fancy napkins from that.

 We prepared traditional Candlemas crepes for dessert -check out what Catholic Culture says about the crepe connection to Candlemas. There is a recipe here too- very easy, I add more sugar since my mom always made ours sweet. Here is the traditional St. Blaise's bread (used this recipe) and fishsticks for dinner. In Europe familes share blessed bread and eat fish for dinner to remember St. Blaise saving the little child from choking on a fish bone.
   Yes, yes, I know, some might be wondering why not eat crepes for breakfast why after dinner? Well, I like my kids nice and calm and not bouncing off the walls from too much sugar intake ;) and believe me that's enough sugar for even me to get a rush, better off as a dessert I think- and really they don't have a lot of nutrition for breakfast- sorry to anyone from France and my mother- inside jab mom ;) And yes my kids helped, I can't do it without my sidekicks. Especially Genna, she is turning out to be quite the cook. She did the whip cream alone.

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