Monday, February 17, 2014

Come Holy Spirit Come.. "The Hidden Power of Kindness" by Father Lovasik

  You know the priest that wrote all the little saint books? Well he writes grown up books too! One that I am on my 5th time reading  is called, "The Hidden Power of Kindness" by Father Lovasik. (thank you Mary Kroupa- I think you gave me the book, and then I bought my own????- Please jog my memory- age and kids are to blame dear sister),
    I finally got it back from my brother who has inconveniently forgotten to give it back to me for a year! lol!! I joked with my mom- that I secretly hope it's because he read it, but I was told he lost it in his truck...iyiyi. I need to help him clean his truck again. He had retrieved it from a friend in KC, who had borrowed it for quite a long time before that. So I am grateful I got it back!
  Anyway, our family is reading "The Hidden Power of Kindness" by Fr. Lovasik, out loud every night, it's been going slow. But the kids know when to sit and be quiet and listen. I just read two or three pages. It is upper level reading for all of us. (But I love Cardinal Neumann and believe in knowledge liberating our minds more- and upper level reading helps).
     This last week's Gospel Matthew 5:20-37, the withholding forgiveness and keeping anger "with brother" and also "let your yes mean yes" tied in perfectly with what we just read. The yes mean yes is like a promise- even small matters. We have been really trying to drill into our kids about dependability- that even small acts, of arriving on time is charity towards another.  The Holy Heroes Gospel video last week was spot on with this book. I had to giggle at the kid being late for the appointment in the video.
    The kindness that springs forth from our innermost being is "no doubt the remnant of the image of God."... "If you are earnestly conforming yourself to the image of Jesus Christ, sharpness, bitterness and sarcasm disappear." Devout people, as Fr. Lovasik points out, can be insufficiently uncultivated in the ways of kindness, many devout people are unkind. I don't want to be a devout unkind person! What good is it to be a Catholic and be notorious for being sharp and unkind?? OMGoodness! And my kids pick up on my sharpness...especially my oldest. Reminds me of the bible verse of making friends with hot tempered people (Proverbs 22:24). And really when you read all of Proverbs, there is a lot of good advice in there, just a very poetic Shakespearean way, or if you can relate better- maybe some good advice you find in a fortune cookie..and I am rambling..
   Another one that was called to mind, "a gentleman never ....mistakes personalities or sharp sayings for arguments and never insinuates evil that he dare not say out loud."  I know because of my previous profession I have become judgemental and probably pretty sarcastic and a bit of a smarty pants. I dare say too much out and that's why I am blogging apparently. But never mistaking personalities for arguments..this one is very good. If I can remember this one and repeat it over and over...and I am rambling again.
  Still I really love this book. And you would think sure sure 5th time reading it, I should have it it's a life long journey and practicing and failing miserably- dragging my self to confession and picking myself up again. I know I am terrible with kindness and sharpness, and I often withhold it, but maybe with age I will become better at it. I always feel peaceful after reading it too. "Kindness springs from the soul of man; it is the nobility of man- a divine rather than human being." Act on those impulses of kindness! Do as St. Paul commands and outdo each other in showing honor. That is the Holy Spirit raining grace down on you in that moment during the act. Let it flow- come Holy Spirit come!

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