Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Good Deed Valentine's-I will pick up your bandannas!

Last week we pulled out our Valentine's decor and spruced up the house a bit. The kids got their little tin mailbox's out too. I decided that since we really don't get the experience of exchanging Valentine's in a group party setting that we were going to make "Good Deed Valentine's" for each other. This is was to go along with our Love Bible verses that we read each day in a count down.
 So this was tedious for Knox and Genna because of the printing involved. They can really only control a few little things, like picking up toys, helping mommy or daddy when asked- and then offering up the chore and doing it for the sibling who was asked instead, or putting clothes away, sharing a favorite toy, hold a door open..etc.  Oh yea..Genna said she would pick up Knox's!

 I wasn't really sure if this was going to work well or not- as far as getting a message across. I had them make 8 Valentine's, for the 8 days we had left till Valentine's day. We used these Bible Verse Valentine's I found on Catholic Icing and glued them on the inside of this fancy card stock. 

Then they decided to print "I love you" or draw a picture, and give a good deed to the other sibling in the card.  I have them sneak down stairs and stuff a new card in each other's mailbox each day along with a piece of candy, and then they put the red flag up. SO they know there is a surprise in their mailboxes waiting.

 I put the cards on a binder clip so they can keep track of their little notes to each other and also it helps the giver fulfill the good deed rain check. (it says do dishes- Knox is offering to do her chore, and Genna's says, share horsie- a favorite toy)

 We also made some for Daddy, he had to leave for a week for training, but he got to open his package of cards tonight. 

So far Genna did share her horsie, and Knox held the door for her. I believe he picked up her clothes the other night too after bath time. Anyway I call it successful!!

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