Friday, February 28, 2014

He speaks! My little man speaks!

  We all have pregnancy stories- most reading probably really don't know about my Brenden drama that started with high blood pressure and preeclampsia, laying on my back for the last two weeks of pregnancy (34th and 35th weeks)- giving my kids to my mom around 8 am everyday till my husband came home from work at 9:30 pm. Then at 36 weeks delivering by emergency C section a small baby through whose cord prolapsed, we have no idea how long there was no O2, but he sure was bright blue all over when he came out- we figure very very low O2 for maybe 5 mins.
  I have nursed this child and nursed him trying to give him an extra bit of the DHA or whatever it is in breastmilk that makes them have a higher IQ. I was afraid this little one could have some delayed developmental issues. He's only 20 months right now.
 We all know kids learn at different ages and stages..blah blah. So no two are alike. My first son talked at exactly 2, he said a few coherent things and just spoke in his own vocabulary and was really easy to converse with him.
  I have been watching little Brenden like a hawk, and he is saying words!! He has always made distinct truck noises and bus and high loader noises- he also has his own vocabulary for objects. And he also makes lots of "ehh ehh ehh"- high and lows voice sounds, for lack of words when he needs something but can't get you're attention, always nodded or shook his head and pointed etc.. He says, bye bye, and has always waved, ball, momma, dada, and can make alphabet sounds, S, R, T, D, B, when prompted in school- he does participate!
   Last night he said "kitty" and today he said "yes"!! He does babble speak sentences too. He will bring an object to me or point to something like in a book and babble about it till I ask a question- he can say yes or no to, or till I said the right thing back and he acknowledges it with a head nod.
  I am so relieved, so hopefully this means he won't have any delays for speech as he seems to be going at the same rate as Knox. If anything he might just be a few weeks behind due to being early, but that's okay. Probably if I looked at what his birthday would have been if I hadn't been ill and induced, he will be on time.

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