Thursday, February 6, 2014

Knox's eye therapy for Exotropia or a wandering eye, double vision etc.. Info that might help you...You tube links too

I thought since this is apparently a very common problem (I received messages from 4 friends that they had a child or did eye therapy as a child) I thought maybe it would be a good idea to share what I have found out. Bottom line is call around and get quotes on therapy and what they charge per session or per hour- here's the story below if you have time to read it, and some You Tube links for exercises.
  Eye therapy for wandering eyes is typically not covered by insurance. I have gone around and around and around all the way up to the top of the Insurance food chain. Not going to happen. The doctors told us and I am sure they thought I was just wasting my time- well they were right. But oh well, I had to try.
  Eye therapy is about $120 to $140 per session here where we live. Now supposedly these doctors send work to do at home, but they still want you in their office once a week. So the total cost runs up over $3000, and in Knox's case it was possibly going to be as high as $5000. Some want the lump sum in advance and say they will give you a 5% discount. I am not comfortable paying for any medical therapy or surgery or anything before hand. I don't care if it comes with a gold bar at the end. I think that's sort of shady- just my opinion. 
  I explained to the doctor we were seeing on Ridge Road over and over again we couldn't afford the therapy and needed another option like doing more at home and not so much in the office. They couldn't sympathize at all I guess because we ended up walking away from that particular office. This is why.
  I called around to 5 doctors offices in all. The very last one came from a recommendation from the head public school nurse for USD 259. Wait, how you come into contact with a school nurse?? You didn't know my mom is a public school teacher huh? And school nurses work with lots of people from all walks of life. And guess what, she received word from her coworkers a man named Dr. Sullivan- out on the east side has offered lots of home therapy options to families in the past and his partner Dr. Toone finds ways to make the money work if they know up front the family is going to have problems. a last ditch effort to keep my family out of debt and taking a bank loan to pay for my sons therapy, I called that office. 
 The lady I spoke to was so kind. She wasn't trying to win me over with a gift card for coming in or schmoozing me, she just told me they do what they can to help out families. I am not saying the other doctors weren't sympathetic as far as saying "what a sham that the insurance should cover more", but her office actually was trying to work around the family's real needs- like not going into debt. The other doctors offices treated us like oh well that's your problem and you're insurances problem and had no motivating factors to keep us there.
 So Dr. Sullivan took the reports I had brought with me and did his own examination on Knox. Found all the same problems..etc. Didn't make Knox sit through a bunch of testing again for 2 hours thank goodness. 

So we went back last Friday and he trained us how to do his first set of exercises which we are doing for three weeks and then we revisit the him in the doctor's office. And from what I understand, the doctor's office visits are $20 copays for a medical examination type visit. I know at some point the doctor has to do some therapy visits which will cost $119 for a one hour session but he ended up being the cheapest of all the doctors offices I called. 
 Anyway, here's the exercises Knox has to do for the next three weeks. We do them once a day.
Here's the hand outs we got this week. Handouts of rules, Marsden Ball training and Quebec Fixation training are pictured below. I found some You Tube links too! Wow all these therapy exercises are simple and can all be done at home really!

The bean bag toss is just to wake his mind up and work on coordination. It's a lot of fun actually. Genna and Brenden like to do it. I sewed 11 bean bags, supposed to just use ten but I had some extra beans to use up. I found a bean bag game on You Tube here that this doctor's office does and swears it improves reading, I put the link up of all the demo's this doctor has online. I think someone could almost do a lot of this without going in if they had to. 

For the bean bag toss Knox has to stand at the closest frame of the door on the left.

The string is through the grate and adjusts. I marked the string with permanent marker to show where it needed to be in the grate to have the ball hanging at the right height from the ground.

Marsden Ball exercise (before I marked the ball up) 

My paintless toe is pointing to the tape I marked on the floor to mark where Knox is to stand for the second exercise. Knox is getting ready to watch the ball swing frontwards, sideways and diagonal, one set with each eye covered.

Quebec Fixation Training

We do the Quebec Fixation using two frog pictures I have stuck to the wall on either side on my white board in the homeschool classroom. And our table and chairs provide Knox's elbows with stability to rest his chin and head as he moves his eyes. So far so good...

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