Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Sister Brigid fill my glass." Happy St. Brigid's feast day (party day)!

"Oh when the Saints go marching in, they will behold a lake of beer...." Okay, I am in love with this really should listen to it.

So today was one of favorite Irish Saint's feast day's St. Brigid of Kildare. My hubby had to work of course, and of course we had ice on the roads, but it was really a good day to stay inside and celebrate with the kids. And yes, since we were stuck indoors, why not crack open a cold beer? I am a stay at home mom who does everything except go out I have an excuse to start drinking a little earlier in the day occasionally- why I can't I, I am of age. Oh now stop with the shocked face- as if none of you have ever NOT indulged before 2:30 pm. (I didn't do that today, I am just saying I have had a glass of wine recently that early) Anyway, while making us a dinner of hamburgers and gravy, corn, mashed taters, Goldfish brand mac and cheese, cantaloupe- that was really juicy, and some barm brack, I toasted with my kids in my pub mug full of New Castle. And they played in their saint costumes. Genna dressed up as St. Brigid all day, Knox was St. Patrick- he even got his collection of snakes out and they chased snakes out of Ireland all day. Brenden is just along for the ride, he's going to be St. Brendan this year naturally- since he was named after him. We have one more thing we are doing tomorrow for St. Brigid's feast day. It was quite a lovely day despite the cold. (We also started the 14 day count down to St. Valentine's feast day. See my other post- cute craft from Catholic Icing!)

Brenden eating his bread, it had a sugar coating on the outside...oh it was so moist and yummy.

 This will disappoint you, but the barm brack is Panera's bread. I thought I was heading to Familia class this morning until the weather turned south as in for the worse, no way was it safe to drive, so I did homework last night late and didn't prepare the barm brack.  But I knew we could get a delicious loaf of cinnamon raisin bread to use for our barm brack at Panera- oh my and its probably much better than I could ever make, that was the best bread ever). That's okay, there is always lots of feast days to try this recipe, I saw a lot on the internet about it.

St. Brigid

We made her costume last year for the St. Patrick's day parade. Here's the book we got our inspiration from Brigid's Cloak.

These are pages from St. Brigid Abbess of Kildare

Chasing snakes out of Ireland with St. Patrick

Water coloring- we got our pictures from Waltzing Matilda's blog.


  1. Great post! It doesn't count as drinking alone if your kids are around, right?!

    1. No it doesn't! haha Monica! LOL I know you can relate ;) and not in a bad way! Cheers lady!

  2. How did I find somebody who's as enthusiastic about St. Brigid as I am??? O:


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