Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stand alone Lourdes Grotto- our knockoff of Illuminated Ink for MODG Kindergarten syllabus

There are some cool art projects we get to do with MODG, but they involve buying these kits from Illuminated Ink. I didn't buy any of them. Yea, I run the risk of maybe not getting it done if I forget to pick up art supplies. But I really just like making our things on our own. It's a lot more fun. Plus I already had the supplies for this one in Come on now? Who doesn't have popsicle sticks and rocks and a holy card?

 There's a couple ways you can do this, you can print off a coloring page on card stock or use a holy card (we had already done a lot of coloring and cutting this day in particular- so Knox chose to photo copy a holy card). 

We printed off the holy card front and then back with the prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes and glued it onto the grotto.

I had him glue dot the popsicle sticks together, then I ran hot glue with his and Genna's assistance over the crucial joints. You can use large or skinny popsicle sticks, whatever you have on hand- we had large.

Glue layers until you can get it to stand up. We weren't careful and in the picture above you can see the end of the popsicle stick sticking out, that will make your grotto unstable. We fixed it at the end by gluing an extra stick to each side that was slightly below the ends that stuck out. It made a nice flat surface to balance and stand up on it's own. (photo below shows those extra sticks at the base- they are slightly below the ends)

He picked out the pretty stones he wanted to use and arranged them. I figured he would have covered it in rock, but he didn't like the look. He also coloring the popsicle sticks with a brown marker, so the wood looks stained.

Knox's finished grotto

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