Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day week long celebration- lots of pictures! Prepare yourself!

      It was an unusual Valentine's Day for us due to work schedules, but everything worked out and we got everything in. My love was gone this past week for training, so it was just me and the kids hanging out. We had a Valentine's exchange on Monday night after we got home from Catechises. Brad had also taken us out on Sunday night to see that Frozen movie- which I ended up really liking the message- wow, true love is self sacrifice- i.e. laying down one's life. So we all had filled each other up with love, some gifts and encouragement before Daddy left for training. (You can skip reading the next part and just enjoy the pictures unless you want me to tell you about my 5 year old's decorating thoughtfulness)

        Any who...Thursday my Knox on his own (I never ever said one word about decorating or flowers or candles etc) got out our smell tea light candles, he got down two vases and filled one with glass marbles and those other glass decorating things.  He cleared off AND set the table and then found fake flowers from downstairs in our craft bins to stick into the vase. WHOA! Who gave this boy a lesson in chivalry? Knox was too little to remember Brad giving me roses for Valentine's day 3 years ago.  So..this was completely on his own. THEN as if that wasn't enough, the kid got the beautiful plums and nectarines out of the fridge and filled the other vase up- and they ate them at dinner!

see the fruit?

Who taught this kid this stuff? I haven't ever decorated like this before! (maybe I should take some pointers from him) So after bed I decorated their homeschool table and filled up their mailboxes and made them cards.

 That's far from the icing on the cake people..
  Friday after a day full of errands, Knox kept insisting we have a feast day party dinner (I wasn't doing anything super special for that night) and he had me shut off the lights and windows and that wasn't working well for me since I was cooking spaghetti. But after I was done cooking I let them continue with their planning. He got back up into the candle cupboard in the hallway, found the battery tea lights we bought at Christmas, placed all those under white paper lunch bags on the table.
Then he moved things around to look pretty..(same flowers and fruit vase and my new roses from Brad and Knox's Grotto). We had spaghetti and I was sure to compliment all he did to make dinner special.

      We received some special Valentine's from our friends and neighbors. Tracy and her kids gave us some Bible verse Valentine's- something unique we hadn't received before from anyone ;) You know I was liking those! Thanks Tracy! Another great printable Valentine is here.

(Prepare yourself for lots of pictures)

         I (Brad was working) had my parents over for rib eyes I grilled and a delicious dinner and dessert. We also made a huge castle with them out of my mom's refrigerator box (she has been saving for us since December). We like Christina Katerina and the Box, so we had some good inspiration for how it should look. 
     We had made our cookie dough and St. Valentine's puppets.  But I mostly felt like I prepared food all day long. The salad is Havarti Cheese and Red Delicious apple salad. Our family's old family friends' (we grew up with their kids) mother had/has some awesome cooking skills. Anyway, that's one of her salads. Great one for Valentine's Day feasting!

See my real roses from Brad? He came home from training for about an hour and a half before leaving again for work. He brought me roses ;)

The Bishop himself! St. Valentine, with a prayer card on the back.

Brenden helping with filling for our strawberries.

Scroll to Sunday to see what Genna made.

Valentine's dinner


The heart theme here is:  Sacred and Immaculate Heart Cookies, along with the Lego swords (goes well with our Castle) in cheese and strawberries. The Lego swords represent the 7 Sorrows of Mary)

Sacred Heart and Immaculate Hearts for snacks, along with the Lego swords + cheese in a castle

Lego swords in cheese and strawberries to represent 7 Sorrows of Mary (Remember Candlemas a few weeks ago and Simeon's prophecy?)

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