Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ash Wednesday and our home made rock Stations with Holy Heroes

Brenden had some big boy firsts this week. He finally got his hair cut- to my dismay- his little curl in the back (which was looking sort of mullet-ish) was trimmed off. He tells us every day in his babble about his first hair cut. He also is just now old enough to walk behind his siblings as Mass with his hands folded. He is a perfect angel in Communion line. So Wednesday he was big enough to walk up in line for Ashes. I was behind him and as he walked away from the priest past the front row, he turned towards me and started babbling and pointing to his forehead. And he couldn't quit "talking" about it with a furrowed brow- like he knew something important just happened. It was so cute. I had to take their picture when we got home. I will never forget how precious it was. 

Nope we aren't perfect picture posers ;) And I am not a perfect mom.

We set up our stations  we I made with my sister Mary last year. Turned on our Holy Heroes Stations of the Cross cd (it's so beautifully told, and the music is dramatic- very moving).

Isn't he a little shrimp making faces..(that's actually why I took the picture).

In walked Daddy from some an overtime meeting. And he helped us participate.

The candles really lit up the pictures and it was so peaceful looking. (and it smelled so good- vanilla tea lights)

If you are interested in making your own stations, don't be intimated by the time it takes. Yes to make these there is a lot of time involved, but what you get out of it is amazing participation from all your family. Not to mention you're kids are learning at the same time. I can't believe what they learned last year and retained. 

Stations of the Cross are #6 on my list.

6. Make Stations of the Cross, or hereor here, or here. Go to Stations of the Cross at your Church, Listen to Holy Heroes Stations of the Cross every night (JP II did, and he's up for canonization if you hadn't heard). Oh the Holy Heroes CD about JP II is awesome! Listen to that one during Lent as well. Go ahead and buy your kids their own Stations of the Cross books too. My son and daughter each have a Lovasik book, they loved them last year and were faithful using them I was so impressed with how they wanted to do Stations each week. Another good one is Children's' Stations of the Cross by Susan Brindle. We have added these awesome books, with real art work to our collection, Children's Stations of the Cross- pictures are no supposed to be in black and white, publishing error- verify yours are in color, and ABC Life of Christ- pictures are in color. 
  Use these stickers maybe on tea lights with baby food jars? Light them one at a time as you pray the stations with your kids or listen to Holy Heroes Stations CD.

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