Monday, March 10, 2014

Book reviews on Mrs. McKnight's books- really beautiful artwork!

   I was lucky this weekend to exchange emails with Catholic homeschooling mom Mrs. McKnight about her new book Children's Stations of the Cross, Illustrated by the Masters. I ordered both her books through Amazon and received a black and white copy of the Stations but the correct copy of the ABC Life of Christ, A Chronological ABCs Illustrated by the Masters (the Stations was supposed to be in color obviously too!)  She was kind enough to send me a PDF copy from home. And she said it's going to be about 2 weeks before color copies were in. SO..I wanted to show you the books really fast that I ordered so you can see for yourself how valuable these would be to any Catholic family. The art work is some I have never seen before. I am a big fan of the Catholic Icing Mass books, so this was right up our ally.  OH these would be good gifts for Easter too or for a Godchild if you hadn't already thought of it.

Cleverly she uses Montessori script

ahhh and first page is not A, it's G for Gabriel, it is the life of Christ in Chronological order not Alphabetical order

H for hiding- fleeing from Egypt

D for Descent

I really love that book. Did I mention they are both smaller so they are easy to hold when genuflecting and getting up and down frequently.

So onto the next one...

she uses Montessori numbers this time

(Yes my copy is in black and white but you can still get an idea of how beautiful it will be once its available in color again.)

You can easily see why these would bless any Catholic home.

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