Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ever wonder where people get Lent and Feast day ideas? How to draw St. Joseph, Annunciation..

Ever wonder where everyone finds ideas- other than blogs? Well here's a good resource for you. The Lent Calender I do with my kids is listed in here, as well as sacrifice beads, Stations of the Cross, good Friday menu, Easter Candles, St. Patrick and St. Joseph and Annunciation, etc..pictures are hopefully large enough you can read through the text. Maybe it will inspire you all more. (there are more pages with ideas, I just got tired of adding watermarks) The other book is a how to draw book I have it labeled below- it is also put out by CHC. I would order it from CHC's website.

St. Patrick's Feast day

St. Joseph's Feast Day

Annunciation- learn that Angelus!

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