Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fiat Feast day afternoon luncheon and Marian candle painting and 40 weeks till Christ's birth! whew!

Our friends met us for noon Mass today and then we came back to our house waay out on the other side of town to have lunch and do some painting and playing. It was a wonderful afternoon! And in retrospect looking at these pictures now, I am so blessed to have such a nice group of women to share these days with (I wish my sister and our cousins could have come she was the only one missing today from the pictures).

The menu.

Mary Queen of Angels Chicken- Angel Chicken is the real name
Maureen's fruit salad
Corinne's humus and pita chips
Fiat Cake and Annunciation cookies 
Sherbert rainbow punch (Sprite)

Yes, you can tell I have never written on a cake before! lol It's okay to laugh- it tasted really good!

 Poor Knox and Jack a little out numbered playing.

Corinne holding down that end of the table! Looks like Maureen is running away!

They were so good and worked hard!

I forgot to get a picture of all the candles before everyone left...kicking myself.

Genna's Marian Candle all blue and yellow

Knox's Marian Candle

Couple of M's and a Chalice. We will take them to be blessed soon and we will light them on Mary's Feast Days.

Right before bed, we lit our candles and said the first decade of the Rosary along with our Holy Heroes Joyful Mysteries CD (that one has the battle of Lepanto on it)

Fiat Mihi Secundum Verbum Tuum.

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