Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Saint book series! St. Lucy, St. Damien, St. Andre, St. Kateri, St. Francis, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

These were published in October 2013 last year, so I doubt too many have seen these cute little books (whole list). They feature Saints from Christmas, or North America. Others Saints featured were Saint Gianna, Martin De Porres, Juan Deigo and St. Nicholas of Myra, St. Gerard, St. Anthony and lots more. You can even pre-order some that will be released in April.

We purchased St. Lucy (Dec. 13th), St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (Jan. 4th), St. Damien of Molokai (May 10th) and St. Andre Bessette (Jan. 6th). Cute little tales, with a bright colorful picture on every page. My kids very much like them.

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  1. second time. errored first. I have purchased new set of pots & pans and have e-mailed you my old stainless set. I will be happy to mail them out to anyone who can use them


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