Thursday, March 13, 2014

Purpose of Catholic Authors 4-Sight explained a bit more

  The purpose of this book (I showed you here) is to provide Catholic students with good books by catholic authors, who shed light on the Truth. It has pages of recommended reading. I have seen a few of the recommended books floating around for sale- but that's only because I remember in the last year people selling and buying them on Cathswap.  But I would say 80% or more of them, I have never heard of. Almost all are out of print, since they were published in the 1940s to 1950s. There is a short synopsis of each book and a cartoon picture accompanying each one which gives you an idea of what the book is about and quotes a scene from the book.
 The thing I keep noticing is that these books are all wholesome. Yea, we aren't talking about anything like Pretty Little Liars or any sassy girls or boys or gross R.L. Stein books. And I very very much doubt you will be finding anything controversial in these like a lot of the Common Core books I keep hearing about. I think the only way for us to show the world better is to set the example. I had even heard my own parish- as a part of sex ed class for 8th grade or 7th grade (fuzzy on that detail since I was in shock) had once used Flowers For Algernon! 
  It makes me sad that these books have been forgotten by the Catholic schools. (I know they have been because they aren't in print- unpopular things go out of print- if there was a demand for them then they would be getting printed, and surely I think I would have heard of them or read at least one in my Catholic School career! Plus our priest had never heard of them!) 
  I will try and get the book list up for you to see over the next few months (by photographs not by typing because that's insane). (By the way- all of them are above my oldest son's reading level, but I am 100% he would like to have them read to him. I think they are for 4th grade and up)


  1. I am a bibliophile, and a collector of wonderful, wholesome children's and young people's books (primarily fiction, many out-of-print). I have seen the Catholic Authors 4-sight books mentioned for 20+ years, but have never actually seen one or understood what they are. I am eagerly awaiting your description of them!

    1. Sharon I don't know if these replies get sent to you or not, but check out that new post I put up last night, it has books from Catholic Authors 4-sight for free on audio on a public domain.


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