Tuesday, March 18, 2014

save those old religious calendars from Church! Ya know the free ones? Easy art idea

The kids and I went shopping at the Catholic bookstores today, and were looking for a particular picture of the Annunciation. But alas, they all cost an arm and a leg- and they aren't even originals! So we came home and I remembered the old and new calenders I had stored away for art projects...have a gander at what you can do. The best part is this was all free! I have about 20 of those frames in a box in the basement- they are from awards from work- we weren't displaying. And since they weren't being used to display anything- perfect fit! 

2014, 2004, 2007, yea there is an array of old and new calendars. They were all free from various Church's around Christmas.

This will go up during Easter season rather than the Angelus picture below.

Oh a Solemnity celebration is tomorrow! Hopefully I will get some good pictures for you.

This is in our dining area, we always saw the Angelus at lunch time, and occasionally at other meals. Now everyone who is over can read and follow along.

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