Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Joseph's Feast Day Party

Happy Feast of St. Joseph!

We met up with some friends after attending Mass at our Cathedral at noon. We ate "Saint" Uncle Joseph's pizza (Cheryl's brother's pizza) and let the kids play. We did have a craft- lilies (directions below) from hand tracings.  Lilies are a symbol commonly used with depictions of Saints, they symbolize purity. Every year Cheryl makes new lilies with her kids and is growing herself a bouquet. She also set up a lovely buffet of deserts for the St. Joseph's altar. I didn't get as many pictures as had hoped (like of us scarfing St. Joseph's pizza)! But here's a few to enjoy.

trace the child's hand on white paper and cut it out

Put the green pipe cleaner through the clear bendy straw

after twisting a yellow stamen onto the stem tape the white hand around the straw and ad a leaf

To make the lilies

You will need:
yellow and green pipe cleaners, 
white and green paper,
 a hole punch, pencil, 
scissors, tape & clear bendy straws

1. outline your childs hand on white paper and cut it out
2. put a green pipe cleaner in a clear bendy straw 
3. cut a smaller yellow piece of pipe cleaner and twist the yellow around the end of the green stem to make a stamen for the flower
4. wrap and tape the hand (lily) onto the end of the bendy straw (but don't completely cover the bendy part)
5. cut out some lily leaves from green paper
6. use a hole punch and make a hole in the end of the leaf
7. slide the leaf up to the wrinkly bendy part of the straw- it should catch and stay put fairly well
8. write the name and date on the back of the leaf to recall your memories!

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