Thursday, March 20, 2014

wow! Coming soon! Free book by Mrs. McKnight! Children's Station's of the Cross Illustrated by the Masters.

Check out this email! That sweet little book I showed you, that was accidentally printed in black and white? Mrs. McKnight is offering it as a free gift for Lent! (I deleted the link she sent to me- till I can figure out if she wants everyone to access through the link or through another blog) but I am so thrilled right now!  I will post it as soon as she has an answer for me. KEEP CHECKING BACK! Oh the book is back in color print now too- so if you feel compelled buy it! (The sweet lady just had a baby a few weeks ago and homeschools 7 kids- yes she is a busy woman).

Hi Shannon,

Ok, I finally put up a link and it is to Scribd where I have offered the book for free as a Lenten gift.

Also, please send me your address as I'd like to send you the print book!

Have a lovely evening,

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