Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Czech Easter traditions, Spy Wednesday jidášky for breakfast

We are not Czech..but our cousins are. Uncle Kale's family hails from Czechoslovakia. In honor of our Uncle Kale (although I am not sure he knows this) we made Judases bread for breakfast and ate 3 spoonfuls of honey. Here's some other interesting info that the Czech's do during Holy Week.  ( I am pretty sure my kids would probably like jumping in a river). They actually serve the jidášky for Holy Thursday or Green Thursday but seems to also make sense for Spy Wednesday. Either way it's a neat tradition. You still have time to make this for tomorrow for breakfast. (Cooking hint below).

Oh now, did you think I slaved away in the kitchen making real bread? No ;0 silly! I used Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls from Pillsbury, sold at Walmart. I rolled the dough in longs strands and then braided them to look like ropes. There are twisted rope variations you can do, I just kept it simple. It not only tasted so good (which was surprising for canned cinnamon rolls) the kids were excited too. Mehh..someone else who is more gourmet might be able to make the recipe and make them right- it's located on Catholic Cuisine

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