Sunday, April 20, 2014

Holy Saturday late night- just a few pictures ;) Laying Jesus in our own tomb, Lego Rosaries...

Here's the picture post..

tomb felt piece put up, but the tomb is sealed

Made a tomb..

we went by candle light and removed the purple clothes...

wrapped Jesus in white burial clothes

laid Jesus in the tomb 

Set the guard and sealed the tomb

 the Saints await His Resurrection so they too can enter Heaven

(kids go to bed)

Now what mommy does...

Jesus' Resurrection! The rock is rolled back and the burial cloth is folded up.

The Saints have been raised with Jesus' Resurrection.

Crown of Thorns (thorns removed from sacrifices kids made daily) is now a birds nest

found these fun little statues today at Goodwill- one for each of the kids

(what's cooler was the little one was made in Italy, and the other made in Mexico- I am guessing someone visited both places)

Lego Rosaries for everyone and a few books and of course candy!

cute little boxes- for Knox and Genna- just for fun

Have a Happy Easter! He has risen indeed!

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