Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kicking off hail week...yikes I mean HOLY WEEK! Hosanna! Palm Sunday

I knew this morning was the last day to enjoy my tulip garden. As bad weather was forecasted for our area. We had a little bit of quarter size hail today right after lunch, my poor flowers and our truck! Guess the snow is coming next.

After the hail we took pictures with our folded palms, and the kids took some over to our great neighbors.

looking a bit tattered from hail

I would like to say I predicted snow back in February for April due to late Easter, I am holding to my hypothesis that a later vernal equinox means we hold onto colder weather patterns longer (it was March 20th I think.)

It tried to rain while we attempted to do this palm and foot print painting for Palm Sunday. We went out on the sidewalk and it sprinkled, went back in the garage and it stopped..and repeat.

But we finally got it done. We did the feet out on the sidewalk and it sprinkled but it's okay, we didn't make a mess except for making the grass a little brown.

They also had been working on this True Presence picture from Catholic Icing- it's a free download for now. (I think you better hurry and download it for later. I bet she plans on selling it at some point as her post indicates.)

Genna finished before

They both have worked on it since last week. I can't believe how well Genna has started to color now. I can tell she is really concentrating.


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