Friday, April 18, 2014

Our Holy Thursday Dinner, we are all called to Discipleship...washing each other's feet

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I was able to obtain a copy of Lent and Easter in the Domestic Church late this Lent, and I didn't have much time to sit down and study it. But there was an amazing script for a Catholic Seder meal in it. I think next year we will go for it and invite the grandparents and cousins. It had blessings and toasts and explanations for the roasted meat and bitter herbs that made sense in the context of the Old Testament and what we know was fulfilled by Jesus in the New Testament. It seemed simple and straight forward- and Catholic.

This year though, we washed each others feet. To keep it orderly, we drew names from folded papers in a jar. I went first and the person who drew my name washed my feet- happened to be my husband. Then when he was done, he sat down, and Knox washed his feet. Then Knox sat down, and Genna washed his feet. Then Genna sat down and Brenden washed her feet. Then Brenden who had been waiting very patiently but was really wanting to get his little foot washed finally got to sit down, and I washed his foot with the help of Genna. Big smiles!

( For prayer we read the Gospel of John) Then we sat down and ate our meal. We had roasted Chicken, green beans (Green Thursday/Holy Thursday), roasted potatoes and unleavened bread. 

Bacon wrapped green beans for Green Thursday, and racon potatoes- they are on my Pinterest Board.

Paschal Lamb shortbread cookies from the bakery- wow were they good.

Genna poking bread dough with a fork

I wrapped the unleavened bread (our version of Matzos) in white clothe/napkins- to represent Jesus' burial clothes. The holes the kids poked in it with forks represent how Jesus was pierced with nails and a soldiers lance. (I didn't get the stripes part till after the fact- which would have been on the other side of the bread- by His stripes we are saved). The kids were excited and chatty about the bread and the symbolism with the burial clothe- I was sort of surprised how excited that made them. After dinner we ran out the door to Mass with my parents. 

Have a Holy and Blessed Triduum!

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