Saturday, April 5, 2014

Our Holy Week felt banner...a great DIY project this week (template on Scribd)

They played with it all day, and now they can spell Holy Week. We will hang it somewhere in our classroom or upstairs. But we will add the pieces as Holy Week progresses (not sure I want to attach them permanently as they seem to like to play with the pieces- I want to put it away for the rest of the week but they aren't letting

As a follow up to the question below..this was scrap I had from a previous art project involving a bunch of hand made hand lilies and white doves. The felt had a large piece cut out of it and I had to find a creative patch for it to make this work. But any size or color will do. I just happened to have a large white piece that measures 27" H x 15" W. The blue patch was just under 8" by 6". Felt and dowel rod purchased at Walmart.

Brenden ripped the "Crown of Thorns" today...tear..sniff. I was pretty sad, but he is only 1.5 yo.


  1. I am a little craftily-challenged, so just want to make sure I have this right.... Basically you have a giant bit of white felt that (with the exception of the blue square sewn into the bottom corner) just stick on and peel off themselves? Kind of like those felt-art boxes we had as children? This looks just super and I am looking forward to having a go! Thanks!

  2. Yes, I had a large piece of white felt- and it had a hole that needed patching, so I fixed it with a patch that also worked as a part for the felt shapes. I just drew on the felt itself. I am also sort of challenged, especially with drawing animals and people. It's just done free hand. You can lightly tack the pieces on so they can be semi permanent and be taken off for the next year.


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