Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Palm Sunday poem

I happen to be reading my final book for Lent, and this was in the first chapter...quite appropriate this week.

  I saw the Conquerors riding by
   With cruel lip and faces wan:
 Musing on kingdoms sacked and burned
There rode the Mongol Genghis Khan;

And Alexander, like a God, 
Who sought to weld the world in one:
And Caesar with his laurel wreath;

And leading, like a star the van, 
Heedless of upstretched arm and groan,
Inscrutable Napoleon went
Dreaming of empire and alone.....

Then all perished from the earth
As fleeting shadows from a glass, 
And, conquering down the centuries, 
Came Christ, the Swordless, on an ass?

-Harry Kemp
The Cross and the Beatitudes, Lessons on Love and Forgiveness, Fulton J. Sheen

I love this book...

I have some other good one liners from it. I think I might read it outloud to the kids at some point.

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