Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pentecost felt banner and I uploaded my funny drawings on Scribd for you

You know I must love having a few faithful readers- but this took me a good part of the evening (I should be reading my book), to draw and cut out. Then after I cut out the first set of hair and beards, I thought why didn't I photo copy this stupid thing? I will lose these pieces- or Brenden will tear them up. Then I thought, why not put it on Scribd for my friends. Surely they wouldn't laugh ;) jk...lol Hey! At least you can download and print it off and then improve my drawings with your own.

I was flipping through Pinterest with Genna this afternoon looking for Pentecost symbols and banners and felt projects to make our own- and at least get started on it. And we came across Under her Starry Mantle's pin of the Pentecost/Apostle felt dolls she made for their atrium. I thought perfect! (And I have no idea if we have a set in our Atrium or not, but I am going to modify the idea and make it for a banner- less sewing)  I couldn't find a template for the pieces. But she had some good photos on her blog, so I did my best to recreate the shapes. I can't do the needle work that woman does- it's perfect. You can browse her post and see what to do. But the fine sewing- that's why I think I will stick to the felt banner idea. She's pretty amazing.

Terms of Use: My drawings are not for sale or profit. Please do not reproduce them for any reason other than your personal homeschool use.  Please do not or link to them straight through Scribd. Please use my blog's post to link to them.

Here's Template #1

OH yea, if you get you're banner or dolls done before me- DON'T rub it in ;) ha ha jk... But I will post your pictures if you want to email me.

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