Sunday, April 13, 2014

prehail garden of tulips 32 weeks of MODG of Kindergarten..done

This past Thursday Knox finished his MODG Kindergarten syllabus. We are all very proud, he chose to eat out as his award at Carriage Crossing in, Yoder , KS. I love that place and we were happy to escort him there! I was discouraged last year because he isn't quite 6 yet- end of May he will be 6. I was told to hold him back by several people- umm... glad I didn't.

Here's our year..from the first day in August
these are our school uniform shirts (St. Michael's Catholic School)

Knox thought school was going to be so much fun because of the  "Schultüte". Brenden was just along for the ride. He had no idea but knew something special was going on. He was so excited.

I remember hearing "You're the best mom!", "Homeschooling is so much fun!", "I love you, I love homeschooling", "This is the best day of my life!" and this went on and on. Oh and then they wanted to make sure they get Schultüte's again.

I used Shower of Roses templates for the candy labels- they are so cute! I love her stuff!

Genna really surprised me this year, she has all the poetry memorized, bible stories, and can do all the counting and some reading and easy addition. So I am not sure what we will do next year, she needs to go through the Kindergarten course and do the work books but it will be sort of easy for her. So I need to think on that, it will be a lot of review.

Brenden didn't get any info via osmosis like Genna So he will be on track for a normal Kindergarten.

last day of Kindergarten 2014

pre-hail garden

According to Knox his greatest Kindergarten achievement was learning how to do and read math problems especially subtraction. (I thought it was getting through the entire Angel reader and lessons and completing all the other workbooks, I left them out for people to pick up and admire.) He recalled on the first day of school and his wonderful Schultüte experience.

before the hail a few nights ago

Also my parents got to go down to Houston to the AAPG's conference and they brought back a treasure chest of souvenirs from the conference- it's sort of a pricey conference so I guess that ups the ante for free stuff. Grandma brought them over the last day of school. What a treat! Geology Rocks!

"Take a bite out of Science"

I am glad we got done in April, as we are trying to sell our house currently. Since my husband's job has very long days it's a good break for me too. I need to focus on some other things right now, like a garage sale and keeping the house picked up for showings, and now we have time to do some other fun things, like more geology field trips. And I can reinforce a few things with Knox in reading and math.

Next year I am considering taking off the 40 days of Lent, so we can observe keep focus on what we should be doing for Lent and just focusing on Holy Heroes and faith activities during Lent. I am not sure how far back that will push us on the calendar if I do go for it. I kind of felt like I should have done it for Advent too. Something to pray about ;)

Hope you have a holy Holy Week!

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