Friday, April 4, 2014

restoring old church bell snuffers for $10 (includes price of snuffers)

  I couldn't believe our luck yesterday when we walked into our Goodwill and found three snuffers for sale. I had been trying to find one for my nephew Augustine for his Mass kit. My sister had told me to be on the look out and right before his party we found one for $.99! And sitting there on the next shelf over were two real full size bell snuffers from a church for $2.00 each. This was an hour before his birthday party- we were killing time before heading over there.

 Anyway, how could I not buy the two full size bell snuffers?! One even had a wick still. Brad is restoring them for us. He picked up Rub and Buff at Hobby Lobby and some fine sand paper. Then he started experimenting with both materials and here's the comparisons.

They can't wait to use them to light Altar servers in training ;) I need to buy the wax taper wicks on Autom's website.

Aren't these little snuffer's pathetic? Man, hope the church they came from wasn't in a flood?! 

Rub N' Buff

Wow! Looks like that Rub N' Buff works wonders!

Not quite done experimenting...

Getting ready to see how the sand paper does on the stems

shininess coming out!

The sand paper worked well- seems we need a polisher or something but the cracks are so little.

Be watching for the final restoration ;) I will have in another post.

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