Wednesday, April 2, 2014

tax relief possibly on the way! call your senators

Yes!!! please call! I copied and pasted the email.

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Below is information on a House Bill which will effect homeschool families in Kansas.  I have spoken with Scott Woodruff from HSLDA concerning this and he assures me that this is a tax credit and not an action linked to vouchers for education.  It would be keeping our own money.  All that would be necessary is a family being registered with the state of Kansas as a non-accredited private school - which is the current requirement for homeschool families.  This is not just a credit for homeschool families but any family that chooses to educate their children at their own expense.  TPA wants you to be informed about what is happening with the laws of our state and how they will effect you as a homeschool family.
- Jeff Gorman, TPA President

Calls are needed immediately to support tax relief for homeschools and other private schools!
In a huge victory for basic fairness, yesterday the Kansas Senate Ways and Means Committee amended House Bill 2506 to create a property tax credit of up to $1,000 per child or $2,500 per family for parents who educate their children entirely at their own expense. The bill may be voted on in the Senate tomorrow!
Families have been unfairly “double taxed” for years—by paying to educate two sets of children: their own, plus the children whose parents opt to use the public schools. Those families will get some relief at last.
Please immediately call your Kansas State Senator.  Your message can be as simple as: “Please vote YES on the Senate Substitute for HB 2506 and retain Senator Pyle’s and Senator Abram’s property tax relief.  It brings basic fairness back to the property tax system for families who educate their children at their own expense.”
Also please call Senator Susan Wagle, the Senate President, with the same message. Call her at 785-296-2419 or email her at  
To qualify for the tax relief, families must be able to document their private education expenses.  It applies to children ages 6 to 18. If a family has any children in public school, the credit will not be available.
In addition to the limit of $1,000 per child and $2,500 per family, the amount of the relief available is also limited to the amount of your property tax that would otherwise be allocated to funding the public school system.
Our thanks go to Senator Dennis Pyle and Senator Steve Abrams for their excellent leadership and work toward bringing basic fairness back to the property tax system.
Thank you for standing with us for freedom and fairness!
Scott Woodruff
HSLDA Senior Counsel

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