Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ave Maria Grotto, Cullman, Alabama, Benedictine Monastery.

I can't even describe how holy this place was. Walking down a steep cement sidewalk- how it was poured I have no idea. It runs along the side of a rocky Appalachian hill. This place was amazing! The art was mostly all done by a monk named Brother Joseph..funny, because the first thing the kids and I said, was oh like Bother Joseph from this book- it's not him, but he is a Benedictine Monk!  We didn't really know what we were walking into- it was just a mark on the map, I didn't pre-research this place. We all left our rosaries in the car since we went through the gift shop first.

Oh there are more grotto's than what I have pictured here, I just want to post more photos..I think 20 to 30 is enough! lol

AND yes, we all want to go back.

Check out the light beam hitting Brad in the head as he walks up to the main grotto.  Umm...feeling enlightened Brad? Hey how about a conversion? ;)

Brother Joseph is off to the left there in bronze

The Agony in the Garden

the man who now works on the art and statues- sort of replaced Brother Joseph. I have his name somewhere, it's a hard spelling..Mr. Scheweigle or something close to that. I don't like butchering people's name's, I will get it right tomorrow for you. I am sure he will be a saint someday with his wife. They take care and create the new art and the flower beds. They are in their upper 80's, like 87 or something! AMAZING!

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