Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Genna's cookie book and a few other sewing items this week...yup still sewing

All these were Pinterest my original ideas.

Cookie book... $78 on with my scraps at home. Don't judge me by my terrible zig zagging- I despise zig zagging. All the pieces of ingredients are removable, the cookie sheet moves from the formation of dough to the oven.

easy to cut pieces out- sewing and construction maybe 6 hours total till last thread clipped- with interruptions. I figured out that if I laminate paper, I can sew through it....amazing! That's why you buy a laminator ;)

Embroidered the initials on the ingredients

Nestle recipe- the best..modified with Crisco ;)

The sheet goes in the oven and buttons as well

seat pocket organizers...used these two tutorials (first this one, then this one- they work together)- used heavy interfacing, they are just interfaced on the backside- nothing else.

AND the car trash can that is so cute every one seems to be making- I think they took less than an hour?

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