Monday, July 28, 2014

getting ready for the school year and our Marian Grotto

  Last week I finally unpacked the remaining boxes and got my homeschool room cleared of the junk and things are looking good! This last week we had a broken door replaced, soon busted concrete in the driveway will be getting done too. Thank goodness, I am tired of seeing my little one trip over the cracks every day.

  Like I posted before I inherited a large amount of "junk aka trash" from the previous homeowner. One of the only things I kept was this nice little black book shelf that matches my bigger black Expedit book shelves. I decided to put our required reading books from our syllabus on it. As we knock those out this year that shelf will empty ** it's still a work in progress as you can see.

  I am labeling our required reading books with stickers by grade level- much easier to keep track of that way. I have seen so many homeschool libraries with dewey decimal system or alphabetical order, or the colored sticker/paper and tape method- which is definitely the easiest for kids. But they go all out and do their entire collection. Our shelves stay pretty neat and I don't need extra work really. My kids do well keeping their books where they belong. I think this is what works best for our situation and quick reference for our syllabus.

   We also are getting our grotto planned along with our yard landscaping. We had a nice time mulling over statues at the concrete statuary store. It was a lot of fun! Lucky we got an overcast day too, not too hot at all this time of year for once! I can't wait till it's finished!

  I am also getting supplies rounded up for the Schultütes I give to the kids. Knox is really looking forward to getting one. I think it was so cute how the kids fussed over them last year. They often asked if they get schultutes again or if it was just one time for starting their school life...funny!

The end of this week brings fun! It's the Midwest Catholic Family Conference! L'Angelus is performing, we are very excited to see them again! Hope we see you there!

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