Wednesday, July 9, 2014

HELLLLLOOO out there! I am still here! New house..wuwho!

Oh the joy of unpacking- this is will be the new homeschool class room eventually.

   Bet you all have been wondering what happened huh?  OH well, after our long road trip to Florida- we moved and my husband transferred jobs. We got an offer on our house like the 5th day into our vacation. It was exciting and stressful, we wanted to be home but obviously we couldn't be. Then all the houses we liked and would have liked to consider- that had been for sale forever had disappeared.
  So we had no control over looking at homes and making an offer till we got home again. PLUS the closing date was really short and it was a weird loan (I will only accept conventional now that I know these things for future home sales).
  Anyway, so that phone call for the offer on our house lead to 3 weeks of negotiations...very annoying. Are we moving? No we aren't, oh wait yes we are I pack or leave things out? Just a very long process to get to an agreement.
  Then also while we were in Florida my husband was happy to hear he was accepted into the airport police department. He is a 14 year? vet of WPD, and is currently in a fire academy to get part of his training done for his new job for the airport police (they do everything, fire, rescue and police).
  So while all this transitioning has been going on, I packed up our house- literally alone- since my husband was constantly working overtime for the River Fest and other call outs (it's warm now and the criminals eh hem...bangers are out when it's warm).
  Then we had all sorts of things to figure out with our move- like where we were going to put our stuff before the closing. The lady who lived in the house we bought wasn't planning on moving her stuff to Texas till 2 days before our closing. She said it would be okay to move in the day before with big stuff but she would still be in the house. So it left us with little choice but to put stuff and storage and move twice. Her movers failed to show up Saturday so finally Sunday around 4 pm she allowed us to move our big stuff in the night before our walk through- which never happened.  She apparently is a procrastinator ;) She left us an entire storage room, living room and two bedroom sets and mattresses to move out to the garage. IT was a mess, she drove a U haul to Texas alone and had to be back by a certain date to turn the truck in. But we all were kind and patient and it's working out fine. We moved her stuff to the garage and she is returning this week to finish getting it. (in her defense her husband left her a few months ago and she had moved her a year ago to marry him and hadn't made any friends yet- so she had no one really).

her stuff and there is still some in the basement. (Thank goodness we haven't had severe weather in a week- my poor van is outside).

random abandoned stuff from the storage room of doom- free on craigslist ;)

  Anyway, we have been here a week today, I am still unpacking. Cox communications is a terrible service provider- I am pretty sure we had called them over 20 times and been on hold more than 8 hours in the past week and got nothing accomplished. I am going to drop them once I figure out what else is out there.
  Our washer broke in the moving process somehow. I think it was just old and probably a part which was worn out just broke. I know they were careful with it but I made my husband cough up the money for a new jumbo set of machines ;) And yes momma is happy! It pained him since it didn't involve a toy for him..but in the long run if it makes me happy- he will be happy ;) and his clothes will continue to be clean ;)

I am thankful for many things this week in no particular order. 

1) our friends and family who dove in a the last minute when things hit the fan two Sundays ago late at 4 pm

2) this beautiful house and the trees and wildlife 

3) my parents who helped us out tremendously by allowing my kids to stay with them for 4 days. As well as let us spend the night. (we are only 7 mins from them now)

4) for my new washer and dryer- although they delivered Kenmores and not my LG's, they are exchanging them out in another day. I still love the Kenmores- I get to use them for now.

5) Thankful for my husband's determination to get through the training he had to jump into immediately.

6) this quiet cul-de-sac we are now residing on.

7) my brother who we saw on the 4th of July and the new Sacred Heart of Jesus statue he got me for $20!

concrete $20!

8) we are less than 5 mins from our Church. 

9) I still got to go to the KC Catholic Homeschool Conference. I heard Dr. Ray talk! He allowed his talks to be recorded, and I got all three talks on CD! Plus all the cool "souvenirs" you find at conferences.

10) For my religious freedom in our country and for those who serve and have served (my husband being an Army vet).

11) for my kids who have helped me so much with no complaining, the happily pack and unpack and move things with out complaining. 

12) Brenden is talking English now and not just babbling, just a few words, but I am thankful he is transitioning!

13) that none of my religious items were broken during the move ;)

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