Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The summer is getting away- so much left to do.

   I haven't done anything with my kids since Cheryl's April 27th Pope Party as far as feast day parties (other than baptism and birthdays). Oh it was frustrating for me the other day as I sat down to email my friend and I explained how I felt and my "sort of regrets". I had all this missed feast days May, June and July- so far we are not that far in July. But I had all these great ideas lined up and obviously packing and moving prevented us from having them.
  This past weekend the previous owner finally came back and she had two friends remove her stuff from our garage and basement storage room. Yes, she left a lot behind. We painted and epoxied half the garage floor Saturday and did our remaining 5 loads from our storage unit. And my husband finally got to really clean the storage room up good- lots of spiders. I also attacked the poison ivy growing along the fence- oh my does Ortho Poison Ivy killer work well. I sprayed 2x and in two weeks time it was all dead. I had long sleeves and gloves and pants of course, but I cut down all the dead and then doused the remaining "stumps" and pulled up whatever roots I could. Poison Ivy becomes a viney bush or small tree if left alone to flourish...fyi.
  Then the other night the kids and I went through their toys again and got rid of three big boxes of toys- I had enough stuff to have a big garage sale, but sometimes donating is just easier and trumps all other reasons. Moving is a blessing because it forces you to clean up and clean out. I would never advise anyone to move who has more than 1 kid. It's just a bad idea. Just stay put- you will be okay ;) OKAY, I don't  really mean that..lol  Finally tonight I am catching up bills.
   So I can turn my focus on the last remaining boxes really and my homeschool room. The hubs can handle the rest I think. I need to figure out when school starts again though- I am glad I kept good records and will probably just go off last years schedule.
   So the next big project I want to do around the yard- besides plant grass- because there is none and do a sprinkler system...lol and landscaping- I digress sorry... is to build a grotto somewhere back there. We are definitely inspired by our trip to Florida and the Ave Maria Grotto and the beautiful churches we stopped at and the kids are very excited.
  On a side note- did anyone happen to also order CCC's movies from their sale? WOW! 2 movies including shipping for $17-$18!
  Hope your week goes well, keep my hands/arms in your prayers- I have terrible numbness throughout the day- hopefully it's something I can take care of without surgery. I see the doctor next week.

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