Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Counting things. Math manipulative fun for kids.

  You can find all sort of things to count around your house, like those Skittles you just gave too much of to your kids in their schultutes!
 I recently went through all my clothes drawers and sewing materials and found lots and lots of buttons- but I had no idea I had that many until they were all in a pile. Also I always see those cute little flat marbles, I think they are called water drops at the thrift stores- people use them for weddings or some party and then they get donated. Corks well you can figure out how to get those ;) (Here's more ideas for things to do on Pinterest. My boards need some organizing)

And a big post of math games you can buy second hand if you want more direction.

  What to do with the tray- the tray can be used to store or to sort. You can have your preschooler sort by color or shape, quantity can change in each little cup.  I happened to find this cute tray with a handle at a thrift store for $1.99. I am sure you can use jewelry boxes or ice cube trays (which we use those too)- whatever you have on hand. Just do me a favor and don't buy new. If you go to your local Goodwill or DAV they have trays you just have to look around. I think these are for hard boiled eggs.

 Oh and you can also use these little corks and water drop marbles, buttons, hershey's' kisses, or other candy on the alphabet letters or here too.

My kids love dot markers like everyone else. These sheets you see above also are great for dot markers. Just another way to give you kids something different to do. Buy your dot markers at the Dollar Tree store. I found that they are waay cheaper there than at Michael's, also they are called Bingo Markers, they were with the school supplies at our Dollar Tree. And the colors are different too. I found them on Amazon, if your kids are really in to them than that's a good place to go find more colors.

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