Friday, August 15, 2014

getting ready for school! Schultute prep tonight. And new classroom stuff for teacher ;)

My kids loved loved loved their schultutes last year. I have been reminded of them dozens and dozens of times since, and practically harassed to death in the last two weeks after I made the announcement to them that we were starting school the 18th. 
   Here is last year's photo...Next week you will notice a big difference..and I made bee bopper his own schultute this year. Those tags you see are from Shower of Roses website- I saved mine! LOL! I cheated I didn't want to remake them again! ;) The kids won't know the difference- they couldn't hardly read last year! Rolo/pencil demo is here. I happen to have the crimper from my awesome mother in law! She's the craft queen.

August 2013 School year
Brenden was so excited to have his picture taken he was hilarious.
This years schultutes I am just going to show you what I am putting in. I am trying to get to here they are.

(Oh we made homemade pizza for dinner tonight in case you're wondering.)

 Knox's stuff, art supplies and stickers

Brenden's stuff, St. Francis statue (he's our Saint this year, stickers, art supplies and a book to write scribble in

Genna's art stuff and stickers, bubbles and lip gloss

Each kid gets some Catholic stuff and candy too, I just need to sort through what I am going to distribute to them. I have lots of stuff hidden away for prizes.

 General classroom supplies we are going to have! This was on sale at Hobby Lobby a few weeks back.

Ever remember having these in class for finger painting or drawing? I found mine at the thrift store!

 Yup that's an IKEA tag ;) on the back!

 We are going to have a beardo Maybe a couple of them just for fun this year. I got these on clearance at Walmart last winter.

Buttons- old ones, one of my new ideas for keeping kids busy and having fun during school hours. 

We pray we have a holy and successful school year, may we carry Christ's light to the world as individuals and as a family as we aim for Heaven! St. Francis, Ora Pro Nobis. Amen!

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  1. I hope you guys have a great school year!


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