Thursday, August 21, 2014

Giant Post..hands on sorting and math games for preschoolers on up. Things to look for at the thrift stores.

Need some ideas for some more math games?  *I am partial to Learning Resources the way

I am not sure if the new sets come with these nice cards but I can certainly tell you what's on them if you are interested.

By some sorting trays or get ice cube trays for kids to sort colors and sizes

Dowling Foam Fun Magnet Pattern Blocks is to the right. (Color Cubes to the left.)

Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks- get your cookie sheets out!

Learning Resources Platform Scale

A few other learning games we love I have spoke about before

Learning Resources games of course.

Honeycomb Hike- I am not sure if you can find that one still- probably just used. I found one on Ebay for $21- it's used.

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