Monday, August 4, 2014

my homeschool room suprise at 4:30 AM!

  I came home Saturday night around 9:30 from the Catholic Family Conference to find the house dimmed. As I walked inside- my homeschool room directly off the front door, I realize the power has been shut off and my husband and his bests buddy Jon are working on installing lights in my homeschool room ceiling along with a fan! WOW! There was sheet rock dust in the hardwood grains and my area carpet and chunks and wire clippings everywhere, holes in ceiling and wires hanging from everywhere! They were in deep! Too late to go back now! LOL! Then they needed some random junction box- we we called my dad at 11 pm- of course he came over and had the parts!

   I was so excited! Look at the results! Beautiful recessed lighting with a dimmer and a ceiling fan with it's on two switches!! Jon even wired my outlet so it's a hot outlet. It was the only outlet and it was operated by the switch on the wall. The room used to be a formal dining room and it's only light must have been a hanging lamp on a hook- so that's what the switch was from.
  A big thanks to Jon and my husband for doing that big project till the wee hours of the night. (They just got a late start) Then my hubby cleaned it up on Sunday and put everything back!

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