Sunday, August 31, 2014

Our NEW homeschool room, (home altar or oratory pics too)

   Our move this summer went great with just a few weird things- typical of a move right?  Our new house's layout is really cool. It's a 1960s house so it had a formal wood floor dining room that is just huge! It's right off the kitchen, and as soon as I saw it I knew it was our new homeschool room. Here it is. We managed to squish it all in. (by the way old 2013 homeschool room post here)

The key pieces of furniture I will point out...if you want product details and supplies costs see the old post.

  Two Ikea Expedit bookshelves I bought off Craigslist- one needed repairs- but it was so cheap it was still under $70! The other was $120 or $ my old post here. One is art, the other is pleasure reading books.

My old pine armoire from my single days- has math games in it for now and my office supplies- I will changing this around probably.

My free spinet piano from Craigslist- in pristine condition. (This is my second piano off craigslist, I sold my first for a profit and then got this one free).

My large table my awesome crafty husband made for me after I showed him the $1000 table I wanted from the Pottery Barn- details on the creation of if in the old post.

My white board from Craigslist- around $60 I think.

A small free black book shelf (from this homes previous owner- actually her trash she just abandoned here) for the required booklist reading  and file cabinet of our families important documents- non homeschool related. (We have a prayer shelf or altar there. I am learning this used to be called an oratory- I may not be saying it right, we have several family altars and prayer tables in our house)

A "circle time" area, our Papal flag and all our games and art supplies are contained in here. Plus the little kids table my mom saved and the tables and extra chairs.

 I have Catholic decor all over from the Goodwill. I don't like paying full price for much- I blame my parents for my thriftiness- as we had 5 kids growing up and they were conservative with money if you know what I mean.

The St. George entrance between the front door, hall and kitchen- 4 way entryway.

As you enter this is to your right on the wall. Everything (Catholic Bible and book easel, tin Sacred Heart, Crucifix, paintings, candles) except the shelf itself and the St. Michael statue were used items from thrift stores.

The shelf has those hooks- great for hanging some of our rosaries- which you should have handy everywhere right?

Rainbow cart with activities and black bookshelf with required reading. The alphabet stickers are Carson Dellosa. I moved them from our old wall in our old classroom- they were up over a year, and they are sticking great!

Free spinet piano from Craigslist!

Craigslist whiteboard

As you come through the other entrance to the formal dining room/living room.

This was my old main altar in our other house, pretty much the same set up, but relocated. Crocheted prayer roses for kids praying a decade, a large fat Last Supper candle I found for $.99 at the thrift store and candle sticks and holders also from a thrift store. (I also have an incenser and I seemed to have misplaced it for now during the move.)

Great old windows! The numbers are just like the alphabet stickers- Carson Dellosa. Same story, I transferred them from the old classroom in which they had been up over a year.

 The circle time area and table my parents saved. (Carson Dellosa morning meeting solutions). The pocket number chart is called a counting caddy. It is also Carson Dellosa.  Homemade Liturgical calendar.

Art supply shelf.

Our main desk- which my husband made for me after a Pottery Barn desk in the middle of the room. It's organized with magazine holders I got from the Goodwill for $.49. They hold fun activity books, like coloring and sticker books, or puzzle books. Also there is a box of flashcards.

Few games for the kids, like lacing cards and some manipulatives, Melissa and Doug and homemade felt books for Genna and Knox.
Magazine holders- homeschool teachers best friend- get them at the Goodwill people.

Other side of our big table, which is a bunch of magazine holders, open front and closed front. They hold my teaching books, our texts, Bibles, writing paper, art cards, planners and syllabuses all upright so they are easy to pull off the shelf. The lower shelf is the liturgical planners and dot marker supplies, as well as little mini dry erasers and tub of stickers.

Hope you are feeling organized this school year!

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