Monday, August 25, 2014

Some readers to consider for your new reader in the family! (not the new fangled stuff)

  I have seen what the library has, and what's on the bookshelves at the used book store and Goodwill.  I have seen what kids sit down with in the doctor's office and waiting rooms...I haven't been to excited. I really don't want to waste my time reading with my kids an easy reader on Transformers or Ninja Turtles, or the new My Little Ponies (no offense to anyone- I know some people love them). I want to offer them wholesome and beautiful!
  We have been using these readers (see below). I know there are a ton more out there. I am trying to keep it as Catholic as possible as well as offer some repetitive simple words- which are hard to get in some of those new fangled readers.  So far Knox is enjoying all of them.

We use Little Angel Readers as our Phonics/Reading program. A lot of people already know what those are. Knox has to read extra due to his eye therapy and I have invested in quite a few other readers for him.

SRA  A Pig Can Jig Level A and SRA A Pig Can Jig Level BI think the newer versions of these books are called Part I and Part II now. These are not Catholic Readers but they are phonetic and use repeating sounds and words- like the Angel Readers or the old Max the Cat, Six Kids, or Sam and Al and increase in intensity as you go. These are good foundation books if you are just starting out. Then when you are done with those A Hen in Fox's Den.

We also have some Dick and Jane books- pretty common find at the Goodwill fortunately.

Whales, Snails and Heavenly Tales- maybe out of print but still easy to obtain.

Some really sweet little books you can order almost all the time used are American Cardinal Readers. There are a total of nine books I think (we only have through six or seven. I wouldn't pay more than ten dollars a book. They start with Primer and go through Book 8. (Check Ebay and Amazon or Cathswap).

National Catholic Readers are another great series to invest in.

Faith and Freedom Readers- you can get these new on Seton's website, or just buy them used like I did, they are really old and you can find the old worn out copies everywhere on Amazon and Ebay. I found one in a recycling dumpster! Talk about luck! There are books all the way up to 8th grade, and I believe that's recommended on MODG's booklists.

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