Sunday, August 3, 2014

You ever hear Jessie Romero talk? A man after my own heart and a conference hangover.

  Anyone who knows my family and I probably knows about the law enforcement connection we have with Jesse Romero. I don't mean a personal connection but the in the law enforcement family connection. There is a way cops talk, reason and act and think you can't pretend unless you have been indoctrinated by them or trained and lived it.

  Listening to Mr. Romero talk today and Saturday flooded me with memories of a pre-baby career as a police officer. And even more so when he spoke about gang members and their filthy criminal habits and the job my husband used to hold. I sort of felt like I was in some intense mandatory police training- but seriously it was for Catholics instead. He speaking style really appealed to me. It was very inspiring and made you feel like you were ready to go into battle at the Roman Coliseum.
  Police officers  get a front row seat to the ultimate domestic/spiritual battle of crimes/sins being committed. People who break the law are indeed sinning, and you get to see the first hand fruits of those sins and follow up with the penal punishments our court systems have deemed as just. You learn a lot of psychology and see the failed "philosophies" right before you eyes. Literally you are in the thick of it all where satan is actively pulling souls away or where consecrated evil men are doing horrendous things you don't even want to think about. I always thought Catholic priests should ride shotgun in police cars just for several reasons 1) confessions- and not the Miranda Rights kind and end of life issues 2) exorcisms. (I am not talking like obvious kind where you see obvious outward freaky signs of a a demonic presence like Hollywood shows in their movies with crazy wild hair and green pea soup spewing everywhere- I am talking the quieter offenders- crimes are hideous but the only way those hideous crimes are occurring is because there must be a tempter near by).
  As a Catholic you see where the disorder starts very quickly and can identify where God's laws and nature's laws were broken and ultimately it results worldly domestic laws being broken. You see the immediate handing down and effects of worldly domestic justice being disposed. Failed parenting philosophies literally are what is to blame for most criminal behavior. I always had to shut my mouth- not to tell people what they were doing wrong with their kids or how the screwed them up to begin with. It's as plain as day and you only need about 5 to 10 mins of interview time to figure it out, sometimes even less than a minute. No this isn't being judgemental- this is just plain old common sense stuff. Very quickly after about a day or two of answering 911 calls- you start to pick up on patterns of behavior and habits that can be categorized under "bad parenting styles", they never end well for the child or parents. And it's a cycle that is so nearly impossible to break only God's grace can help people over come these problems. But people aren't reaching to God, Jesus the Holy Spirit or even Mary for help. Yea, they aren't all Catholic- but that's the problem to begin with!!
   I did hear a really dissective talk on the new wave feminism and got some information on the "founders"- I am convinced of more and more things now than I was ever before but I hate to turn this political, as it truly it becomes a polarized discussion- and that's because I have family and close friends who wouldn't understand or would be upset with the details. But during the talk I had a strong urge to call my husband and apologize to him for the abuse he and all men have taken as a result of the feminist movement. I think of the neglected children I dealt with as a police officer and I see the connection to the new wave feminism very clearly.
  This all sounds depressing, but in the end we know we've won the battle and the win is a guarantee! As Jesse Romero said this weekend- the game is fixed! We are already on the winning team.
  Every year after this conference, us conference go-ers boo-hoo about having to go out into the real world again and talk about how we wish we could just stay in our little safe Catholic bubble a little longer..or even permanently. Sunday late afternoon us hard core conference go-ers leave with sore feet, cranky half constipated kids who are on fire with their faith, and a little bit of head spin from all the info disseminated and absorbed wondering what the heck we are going to make for dinner now once you step out into the dry windy heat of a concrete paradise to load your mini up aka the C.A.V. (Catholic assault vehicle). You sort of have a conference hangover...but in a spiritually fulfilling way. Monday brings the blahs for a short time and then you get back to your lives and dream and anticipate the next year's conference. Maybe some of the beautiful orchestra music you heard from the Masses over the weekend are still running through your head and you want to search on You Tube you can experience that moment of peace again you felt during mass with such beautiful meditative music- like Panis Angelicus.
Love wins 1-0.

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