Friday, September 5, 2014

As promised.. here's the Catholic Author's 4-sight Edition book list.

I think some of you won't be surprised to see certain authors listed on this old book list from 1949! I know some of these are/were back in print- like Windeatt, and Wallace, Van Stockum and others...I have seen some on my MODG lists and some mentions on other book lists.  Just imagine if the demand was there- then they all would be back in print!

This is the entire list on Amazon if you want to see about prices on any- there are a lot in reprint..and only one or two I couldn't find. I think they are all reasonably priced.  There is an option to print the list as well on Amazon if you need that- it's on the toolbar somewhere I think.

(If you purchase a book on Amazon they give me a couple cents per book for the referral as commission from their profit, so thank you to those who have ordered in the past- I have no idea who you are, as it's anonymous! I most appreciate more when I know people are actually reading what have I researched, and that is tremendous amount of satisfaction to share it all with you).

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