Monday, September 29, 2014

Feast of the Archangels

Today was Knox's feast day..and we feasted it up- a lot. I even bought him special small cans of pop to have this afternoon- SunKist of course. Boy did Brenden's eyes get big when he saw he also was allowed to have a little can of pop. (My kids have had pop two times- once a few months ago at my friends election party- which he won the primary, and then today- so settle your horses)  We also watched Daddy cut some tree limbs down. We are going to be with out power tomorrow due to the electric company dropping the line outside so we can finish cutting back the over grown limbs. It was so nice my parents were able to come for dinner after Mass this evening. What a blessed day!

first try with Valtrompia bread tubes! Success! (banana bread)

ready to eat!? All wearing their school uniform shirts- St. Michael the Archangel. (We named our school after him).

star shaped banana bread! Apple Puff pancake- soo yummy ( I doubled the apples), we ate bacon too- need a little protein with all that sugar. 

My big helper making blackberry cobbler

water color anyone?

pause here for Mass....back home again...

there were two apple chicken's in two cookers- do apple chicken in the microwave in your stone ware- 14 minutes and done! BAM!  I love Catholic Cuisine by the way- no need to plan just do it. It's all there and painless.

we had garlic toast and salad too.. but they aren't as pretty

3 Musketeers....3 Archangels-  holy cards with the candy bar.

two years ago we learned the St. Michael Prayer in Latin..its such a tickle to hear them say it.

Sancte Michael Archangele,
defende nos in proelio;
contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium.
Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur:
tuque, Princeps militiae Caelestis,
satanam aliosque spiritus malignos,
qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo,
divina virtute in infernum detrude. Amen.

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